Diabetes Improvement Grants

Funding opportunity for voluntary and community organisations across BNSSG

The Diabetes Programme receives funding from NHS England to improve the diabetes landscape in BNSSG. We are using part of this funding to support community initiatives across our area which:

  • Improve the prevention of diabetes in the local population
  • Support the treatment of the local population who already have diabetes

This is an opportunity to support communities to design and implement their own solutions to diabetes prevention and treatment. We invite funding applications for initiatives that encourage or support the uptake of diabetes initiatives, and initiatives which might also:

  • Reduce diabetes health inequalities in their local community
  • Address the elderly population struggling with diabetes (or prevention of it)
  • Contribute to creating healthier lifestyles for those at risk or managing diabetes

Who can apply

To apply, you need to be a recognised voluntary, community, or social enterprise group with a bank account. You must have some form of legal basis or constitution for your group.

What we can fund

We are offering up to £100,000 worth of Diabetes Improvement Grants each between £7,000 and £20,000 to enable community organisations in BNSSG to tackle diabetes.

The type of initiatives that may be eligible for funding include:

  • Initiatives that help people access diabetes treatment, especially in populations where this is more difficult (e.g. elderly, foreign language speakers, etc.)
  • Activities that promote health and well-being, leading to healthier lifestyles which are more likely to prevent diabetes (particularly for those at risk of developing the disease)
  • Services that address a particular community need around reducing health inequalities for diabetes

What information we need from you

Please complete the application form to provide details about you and your project, including specifically how your project will impact diabetes in the area.
The closing date is the end of day on Sunday 4th September.

Application Form Grant Specifications FAQ's

Any further questions?

If you need any more information, or would like to ask anything before applying, please contact the diabetes programme team at: