How to ask a question at a meeting

All formal meetings of the ICB Board are held in public unless specifically indicated. Members of the public are able to ask questions or make statements during the allocated agenda time.

On the day of the meeting, the ICB Board will only be able to respond to questions that have been submitted in advance. Any questions asked on the day will be responded to in writing outside of the meeting and will be published on the ICB website accordingly.

Please note that questions submitted:

  • should relate to items on the meeting agenda and should be received by the ICB no later than 3 working days before the meeting. This is to ensure that questions relate to the business being discussed, can be responded to at the meeting and focused answers are given
  • should not require discussions of a confidential nature or require discussion of confidential information (if you have an issue of this nature please speak to the Corporate Support Officer who will advise on the best course of action)
  • should not be of such a nature to be deemed abusive or vexatious.

How do I submit my question or statement?

Questions can be submitted in advance via our customer services team. You can also speak in the meeting at the allocated time on the agenda, however, questions received in advance will be given priority.

Can I ask a question if I cannot attend the meeting?

If you cannot attend the meeting please indicate on the public question form that you would like the question asked on your behalf.

If a question is submitted without a request for it to be asked on your behalf, and you are not at the meeting, the ICB will respond to the question formally in writing.

How will I find out the response to my question?

Questions answered at the meeting

Where possible the ICB will try to respond to questions at the meeting and the response will be recorded in the minutes. This is obviously easier to achieve for those questions for which advance notice is given.

If you are not present at the meeting, and the question has been asked on your behalf, the minutes of the meeting containing the response to your question will be posted on the website with the papers for the next meeting. If this delay in receiving a response causes you any problems please contact the ICB on the details given above.

Complex questions which require a written response

If your question is particularly complex it may be necessary to provide a general response to your question and a more detailed response in writing following the meeting.

Questions relating to an individual’s healthcare

The ICB is unable to provide answers relating to an individual’s healthcare. Where questions of this nature are received the member of the public will be provided with details of how to take any concerns/questions forward.

If a question is asked on my behalf, will I receive notification of the response?

Responses to questions given at the meeting are contained within the minutes of the meeting.

These are available via the ICB website as part of the papers of the following meeting.

If this delay in receiving a response causes you any problems please contact us.

Will there be a limit on the number of questions?

A period of 10 minutes is normally allocated for public question time.

This may be extended at the discretion of the chair. However, the ICB Board is held in public and not a public meeting.

It is essential that sufficient time remains for the conduct of normal business and at times this may result in the number of questions being restricted.

Further information

If you would like more information about attending the ICB Board or submitting a question, please contact our Customer Services Team

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