The Healthier Together Citizens’ Panel

What is the Healthier Together Citizens’ Panel?

The Healthier Together Citizens’ panel is a representative sample of the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire population, and is an important way of us hearing about what local people think in relation to health and care issues.

Insights from this panel shape and influence our plans for the future of health and care. This is in addition to other established engagement and involvement activities that take place across our partner organisations.

Survey Results

We will publish the results of all surveys as they become available.

Survey 1 - January 2019 Results Survey 2 - May 2019 Results Survey 3 - July 2019 Results Survey 4 - Nov 2019 Results Survey 5 - April 2020 Results Survey 6 - Covid-19 Pulse #1 - May 2020 Results Survey 7 - Covid-19 Pulse #2 - Aug 2020 Results Survey 8 - Covid-19 Pulse #3 - January 2021 Results Survey 9 - Jan 2022 Results

We strive to make all our materials as accessible as possible, please email BNSSG Engagement Team if you would like these reports in any other formats or languages.

How do we recruit to the panel?

Jungle Green is a Bristol-based market research agency that is working on behalf of Healthier Together and Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board (BNSSG ICB) to support the Citizens’ Panel.

The Panel is a representative sample of the population of BNSSG. Jungle Green invite people to join the panel using a range of methods including face-to-face recruitment in local shopping centres and high streets.

Find out more about our panellists and where they come from.

Healthier Together Citizens' Panel - Overview

As well as the Healthier Together Citizens’ Panel, there are other ways to get involved

Knowing what local people think about health and care issues is important to us.

Take a look at our latest news and events sections of the website for details of opportunities.

Follow us on Twitter @HTBNSSG

Become a volunteer lay representative, supporting work of specific programme areas (these opportunities are promoted as they become available).

For further information or to let us know if you’d like to provide ideas around how health and services could be improved in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire, please get in touch.