NHS-funded nursing care

When a person moves into a nursing home (a care home with registered nurses), they should automatically be assessed for NHS-funded nursing care. If not, you can request an assessment. A checklist for Continuing Healthcare (CHC) should be completed before a decision is made about eligibility for NHS-funded nursing care.

You should receive NHS-funded nursing care if:

  • you live in a care home registered to provide nursing care, and
  • you don’t qualify for NHS continuing healthcare but have been assessed as needing care from a registered nurse.

The NHS will make a payment directly to the care home to fund care from registered nurses who are usually employed by the care home. If you are privately funding your care home fees (receiving no financial support from the Council where you lived) you will need to ask the nursing home how they deal with the reimbursement of the funded nursing care. This is because some nursing homes will have taken this payment into account when calculating your personal contributions but others may have included the funded nursing care in their monthly charge.

NHS continuing healthcare