Undertaking an evidence review

We always strive to make decisions about health care provision based on the most up to date and robust evidence. It is important that we understand which of our health care initiatives work well, which less so, and which are good value for money.

When we have questions about the success of the health care initiatives we commission, our Clinical Effectiveness & Research Team is vital to the process of reviewing the evidence. The team will undertake an evidence review, which involves doing an extensive search of the existing evidence and pulling it together into a single report.

Our commissioning teams can then use these reviews to make well-informed decisions and commission the best available services.

The evidence review process

First, someone within the ICB will have a question about the success, efficiency, effectiveness or value of a service or product that we commission. This could be a whole department, a team, or sometimes just a single staff member. Then they will get in touch with our Clinical Effectiveness & Research Team.

Before a review commences, they will be expected to think carefully about the question they want answered and fill out a short evidence review form. The Clinical Effectiveness & Research Team then liaises with them to refine details and undertake the review.

After a review, the evidence is shared with the requesting commissioner, or commissioning team and a record is kept for future learnings.

The Evidence Works toolkit

Our Clinical Effectiveness & Research Team developed the Evidence Works toolkit alongside the West of England AHSN and ARC West to support evidence-based decision making.

The toolkit is a complete guide to finding, appraising and applying evidence. It is freely available for anyone to use.

Show me the evidence!

This short video created by the West of England Academic Health Science Network highlights the impact of finding and using evidence, as well as tips for using evidence in real-world decision making.

What the team offers

  • access to an evidence toolkit to support the planning and development of the review question
  • staff to discuss evidence requirements so that the right question is being asked
  • staff time to undertake an evidence review and write a report of the findings.

Get in touch

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Write to:
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Our opening hours are: 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. We are closed on bank holidays.

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