Submit a research idea

We are keen to hear from colleagues around the NHS and other health and care organisations who have ideas for health and care research. We support research covering all angles of health and care.

Sometimes this can be investigating variations in practice, and sometimes it can be simply asking ‘why do we do it like this?’

Examples of the kinds of research ideas we have previously supported

  • determining best practice in fitting and replacing new gynaecological devices
  • investigating whether prescribing diet books helps people to lose weight
  • determining the effectiveness of running liver function tests on people taking certain medication
  • conducting research to determine the best way to present health guidance to people with learning difficulties.

If you have an idea, please get in touch with our Clinical Effectiveness & Research Team at

What we will do with your idea

  • we will search research funders to see if anyone is tackling this idea already.
  • we will undertake an evidence search and appraisal to see if a solution already exists.
  • we will help establish collaborators to take the work forward.
  • we will engage with local and national bodies to try and gain support for the research project to be developed.

What you can expect as an outcome of submitting an idea

  • if there is an answer out there already, you can expect us to give this to you to help inform your work.
  • if an answer is being found at the moment, we will put you in touch with the relevant team undertaking the work so that you can liaise directly with them.
  • if there is no clear answer, we will endeavour to help stimulate a collaboration to find an answer.

Your commitment

The amount of time you will need to invest in uncovering an answer can range from a bit of reading and a few conversations with colleagues from the health and academic environments, to co-leading and driving a programme of research over several years. The required time depends entirely on the question, available collaborators and the stage that the research is at.

We will do our best to help to establish a work-plan that suits your circumstances.

Read our Pipeline Support document to find out more about our approach to ‘bridging the gap’ between academia and practice. The research pipeline is our process for taking novel approaches from the health and care services and supporting these to develop into research projects funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR).

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