Vitreous Floaters

Request for referral for treatment of vitreous floaters.

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floaters, black dots, vitrectomy, laser vitreolysis
Who can apply
General Practitioner
Referral routes
Exceptional Funding Request Panel

Floaters are small shapes that some people see floating in their field of vision. They can be different shapes and sizes and may look like tiny black dots, small, shadowy dots, larger cloud-like spots, long, narrow strands. Patients may have many small floaters in their field of vision or just one or two larger ones. Most floaters are small and quickly move out of the field of vision. Floaters are often most noticeable when looking at a light-coloured background, such as a white wall or clear sky.

They are caused by pieces of debris which float in the vitreous humour and can cast shadows on the retina.

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Description: This is an Exceptional Funding Request policy.  Referral can only be made following authorisation from the CCG’s Exceptional Funding Request Panel. Applications can only be considered by the Panel if there is clear evidence that the patient’s clinical circumstances or condition are exceptional, i.e. there is something about the patient’s condition or circumstances that differentiates them, or […]