Strabismus or Amblyopia in Adults (Surgical Correction of)

Request for a referral for surgical correction of strabismus or amblyopia in adults.

Related keywords
strabismus, squint, esotpropia, exotropia, hypertropia, hypotropia, diplopia, amblyopia, lazy eye
Who can apply
General Practitioner
Referral routes
Prior Approval

Strabismus, or squint, means a misalignment of the two eyes. It may arise for a variety of reasons and may be present from birth or arise at any time in life. If strabismus arises after the visual system matures (around the age of 8), strabismus usually results in diplopia (double vision). If it arises at an earlier age, the brain adapts by suppressing the image from the squinting eye, so that diplopia is no longer a problem, but this adaptation comes at the price of loss of stereopsis (detailed depth perception) and sometimes at the price of reduced visual acuity in one eye (amblyopia or lazy eye).