Open MRI Scanner

Request for a referral for the open MRI scanner.

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Open MRI Scanner, claustrophobia
Who can apply
General Practitioner, Consultant, Musculoskeletal Assessment and Treatment Service
Referral routes
Criteria Based Access

Patients with Severe Unmanageable Claustrophobia requiring MRI of the head, chest or torso

Most people will suffer from a level of discomfort when having an MRI of the head, chest or torso but this can usually be managed through support, and perhaps even episodic prescribing of drugs to calm the patient.

However, for patients suffering from severe unmanageable Claustrophobia, we have identified the following services are now available for patients to be referred directly to:

Bromsgrove Open Upright MRI, 27 New Road, Bromsgrove, B60 2JL –

AECC University Parkwood Campus, Parkwood Road, Bournemouth BH5 2DF

Please note that whilst each provider is outside the BNSSG CCG area, we are unable to reimburse accommodation or travel costs for patients. Patients on qualifying benefits may be able to access support from the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme – more details available here –

Patients who qualify for Patient Transport Services should contact the booking line as normal.

Patients requiring MRIs of the lower limb can normally access local services.

Patients with Obesity Unable to use a Standard MRI Device

North Bristol Trust now have an MRI scanner that will accommodate patients with a weight up to 250kg and therefore it is unlikely that patients with obesity will need to travel out of area to undertake this test. If your patient is over 250kg and requires an MRI, please contact the Exceptional Funding Team for advice.