Minor Injury Units and Urgent Treatment Centres

If your injury is not serious, you can get help from a Minor Injury Unit or Urgent Treatment Centre

Minor Injury Units (MIUs) and Urgent Treatment Centres (UTCs) are there to help with injuries that need attention urgently but are not critical or life-threatening, such as:

  • sprains, strains, cuts and grazes
  • arm, foot and leg injuries
  • bites, minor burns and scalds
  • broken bones
  • minor head injuries
  • eye problems such as scratches and foreign bodies in the eye

They treat children as well as adults.

They’re in convenient places and you can be seen much more quickly than at A&E.

In fact, many A&E departments will pass you on to the nearest MIU or UTC if your condition isn’t serious enough for A&E – so you can save considerable time if you go straight there.

Most minor injuries units are open long hours. You don’t need to make an appointment and you’ll be seen by nursing staff in a calm, relaxed setting.

There are three units in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire:

Yate Minor Injury Unit

Yate West Gate Centre
21 West Walk
Yate, Bristol
BS37 4AX

Clevedon Minor Injury Unit

North Somerset Community Hospital
Old Street
North Somerset
BS21 6BS

Bristol Urgent Treatment Centre

South Bristol NHS Community Hospital
Hengrove Promenade
Whitchurch Lane
BS14 0DE

Full details of the MIUs in Yate and Clevedon and the UTC in Bristol can be found on the Sirona care & health website.