Fertility Assessment and Treatment

Fertility assessment and treatment

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IVF, ICIS, IUI, DONOR, DIUI, embryo transfer, sperm freezing, embryo hatching, cryopreservation
Who can apply
General Practitioner, Consultant
Referral routes
Prior Approval, Criteria Based Access

For patients

No single fertility treatment is best for everyone. The treatment you are offered will depend on what is causing your fertility problems, the age of the prospective mother and your medical history.

Your GP will be able to carry out initial investigative tests before deciding to refer you for further assessment at a general infertility clinic/fertility service.

Once you have been assessed, your consultant will apply for funding under the Fertility Assessment and Treatment Policy (see below).

The EFR Team will advise you if funding is approved and you will be given details of the options available. You will then be able to choose the clinic that is most suited to you to take your treatment forward.

Please note that the IFR Team will forward your referral to the clinic of your choice together with confirmation of funding approval.  You should not contact the clinic directly until the referral has been made.

For GPs

Please refer to the Fertility Policy together with the GP Guidance document below.

If you feel that your patient meets the CBA criteria please complete the Fertility Assessment Form and Preliminary Investigations Checklist and send to the general infertility clinic in the normal way.

For secondary care

Please refer to the Fertility Policy and the Fertility Treatment Referral and Funding Pathway below.

If, following assessment, you feel that the patient meets the criteria to receive Licensed Fertility Treatment please complete the Fertility Treatment Funding Application Form below and send to the EFR Team at ifr.bnssg@nhs.net.

Fertility Refrerral pathway

Immigration health surcharge – removal of assisted conception services

Amendments to the NHS (Charges to Overseas Visitors) Regulations 2015 were introduced into Parliament on 19 July 2017.

As a result, from 21 August 2017, assisted conception services will no longer be included in the scope of services available for free for those who pay the immigration health surcharge.

We are in the process of updating our fertility policy and will include this requirement. Further information about the regulations can be found on the Legislation.gov.uk website.

Referral Routes Form

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Description: This document has been produced by a fertility specialist detailing initial investigations that can be carried out in Primary Care prior to referral to Secondary Care.
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Description: This form should be completed by GPs and other clinicians who are referring patients to General Infertility Clinics for an initial assessment.
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Description: Fertility Assessment and Treatment is not routinely funded by the CCG and is subject to this restricted policy.
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Description: This form must be completed by the Fertility Service to refer patients who meet criteria to receive Licensed Fertility Treatment. Please send completed forms to the IFR Team.