Facial Surgery and Treatment

Request for a referral for facial surgery and treatment (facelift).

Related keywords
Brow lift, Cosmetic facial injections, Facelift or Rhytidectomy, Laser Surgery for sun damage, ageing and wrinkles, Lip Enhancement including lipotransfer, Reshaping of the Check including implants and lipotransfer, Reshaping of the Chin including Implants and lipotransfer
Who can apply
General Practitioner
Referral routes
Exceptional Funding Request Panel

Facial Surgery can relate to any procedure to alter the appearance of a patient’s face including:

  • brow lift
  • cosmetic facial injections
  • facelift or rhytidectomy
  • laser surgery for sun damage, ageing and wrinkles
  • lip enhancement including lipotransfer
  • reshaping of the check including implants and lipotransfer
  • reshaping of the chin including Implants and lipotransfer.

These procedures would normally be considered cosmetic and are not routinely funded by the NHS.

EFR Application form can be downloaded from here.