External Ear Surgery

Request for referral for surgical repair of the external ear surgery.

Related keywords
Ear lobe, cartilage, cauliflower ear, cleft ear lobes
Who can apply
General Practitioner
Referral routes
Exceptional Funding Request Panel

Ear reshaping is a type of cosmetic surgery used to treat protruding ears. The operation is also known as pinnaplasty.

(also known as or related to – ear lobe, cartilage, cauliflower ear, cleft ear lobes and pinna)

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Description: This is an Exceptional Funding Request policy. Referral can only be made following authorisation from the CCG’s Exceptional Funding Request Panel. Applications can only be considered by the Panel if there is clear evidence that the patient’s clinical circumstances or condition are exceptional, i.e. there is something about the patient’s condition or circumstances that differentiates them, […]