Cosmetic Surgery or Treatment

Request for funding for Cosmetic Surgery / Treatment

Related keywords
Post-trauma injury, Umbilicoplasty, Buttock Enhancement, Hair Transplants, Chin, Cheek and/or Lip enhancement, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dermal Fillers (including Collagen fat Injection), Scar revision (including Keloid Scarring), Shave Rhynophyma, Dermabrasion or Chemical Peel of the skin
Who can apply
General Practitioner, Consultant
Referral routes
Exceptional Funding Request Panel

Cosmetic surgery is a type of surgery used to change a person’s appearance. In rare cases cosmetic surgery is required to improve a person’s health. (Also known as or related to post-trauma injury)

EFR Application form can be downloaded from here.


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Filename: GO-LIVE-01.11.23-COSMETIC-SURGERY-POLICY-V2324.2.00.PDF
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Description: Cosmetic surgery is not routinely funded by the ICB and is subject to this restricted policy.