Ectropion and Entropion Surgery

Request for a referral for ectropion and entropion surgery.

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ectropion, entropion, eyelashes, vision loss
Who can apply
General Practitioner, Consultant
Referral routes
Criteria Based Access

Ectropion is where the lower lid droops away from the eye and turns outwards. Most cases of ectropion are associated with ageing. They usually occur as the tissues and muscles of the eyelids become weaker as you get older. Less common causes of ectropion include facial paralysis such as Bell’s palsy.

Entropion occurs when the eyelid turns inwards towards the eye. The lower lid is most commonly affected although it can rarely affect the upper lid. Entropion causes the eyelashes to rub against the front of the eye (the cornea). Severe entropion can be painful and cause vision loss by damaging the cornea. Occasionally, a corneal ulcer can form and become infected.